Ian Jahnz, CMT
Professional Massage Therapy located at World Gym, Mishawaka
About The Practitioner


Ian Jahnz, CMT

 Education Background

  •  August 2003: Graduated from American College of Massage, Crown Point IN. Earned a 1,000-hour course certification   
  • March 2005: Passed the NCBTMB certification test 
  • February 2017: Passed The MBLEx Indiana State licensing exam
  • May 2017: Acquired Indiana State License for Massage Therapy  


Practice Philosophy

    Everybody is unique, every body is different.  My treatment is custom and special from client-to-client, yet I approach everyone with the same kindness and understanding. I like to apply lighter-pressure techniques in the beginning phases of a massage and progress to more firm pressure as the client relaxes into the treatment.  I like to use organic sesame oil for a slipping medium along with essential oils (aromatherapy), though I can easily provide massage without oil if the client prefers.  Whether the client receives massage once a week or once a decade, I strive to make every treatment feel pleasant and effective.  Anybody is welcome to treatment unless they become aggressive, unruly and/or violent.


Core Motivation

    Circa year 2000, what started as a way to be a more interesting boyfriend for my High School sweetheart became a passion to help myself and others feel better and healthier.  In first researching massage in my late teens, I quickly discovered the deep history of massage and its use throughout ancient times into the modern day.  Not by romance, but by helping my father through soft-tissue injury sealed the case that massage therapy would be a worthy and valuable pursuit for me.   The benefits and results of giving and receiving massage therapy continue to astonish me fourteen years into my practice.  Being able to help people with: Managing their pain, overcoming injury, developing fitness, and many other health goals, is a blessing that I am grateful to share with essentially whomever is interested.  I believe that Massage Therapy can play a part in making things a little brighter in our world.    


Personal Information

   I was born in Michigan City, IN and raised around Northwest Michiana. I did live in Phoenix, AZ for a year in 2005. but have lived most of my life in the Midwest region.  I have done some light travel around the U.S. In 2003 I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in Switzerland with a foreign exchange friend and his family.  I currently reside in South Bend with my female counterpart, Anna.


Hobbies:  Flow Arts/Fire Dancing, Martial Arts, Yoga,  

Interests:  Health/Wellness, Geometry, Music of all genres, Ecology,    


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